Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Making decisions from correct and updated data ought to be the most natural and obvious thing in all companies. However, this is far from the case. Often it is a challenge to make all critical data available to the decision-makers, on the right spot, in due time and with the proper grade of quality.
  •  Whether Organization has all the information required to make the right decisions?
  •  What are Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for analysis?
  •  Is Management able to quickly and effectively make the adhoc analysis?
  •  How to make sure the data the based on which taking decisions is 100% accurate?
Business Intelligence is the discipline that helps companies get answers to all critical questions when different processes are to be optimized. This way, Business Intelligence (BI) is often an integrated part of the supply chain or the production planning and is habitually the key to obtaining competitive advantages. The structure and composition of future scenarios or exact prediction of key figures might just give the company a unique and differentiated basis for decisions.
BIS Competences
Implement assists companies all the way when it comes to Business Intelligence:
  •  We advice on and help defining the right strategy and organization of Business Intelligence.
  •  We carry out analyses of the need for data and key figures.
  •  We deliver extracts of and handle data.
  •  We present the user and the decision-maker to data in the correct form and through the relevant media.
Our consultants are more than merely "technical" consultants who are capable of making a fancy report with correct data. They all possess a solid business understanding and they advice on which data should be used as basis for decisions within the company. Furthermore all consultants are trained in all due consulting disciplines such as project management, facilitation and communication.
Quality and effect are mandatory in everything we do. In other words, we will not be satisfied until we have delivered the best result, and the effect must be measurable – preferably on the bottom line.
Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions: SAP Business Intelligence IBM Cognos BI
SAP Business Intelligence:
SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI) Component as a part of SAP NetWeaver platform enables to get a timely access to key business data. Data access is often a basic qualification for achieving commercial success. SAP BI Component consists of three basic packs –information warehouse, BI platform and a kit of BI tools which maintain statistical returns system, analysis and interpretation of the enterprise data .
SAP BI provides flexible reporting, analysis, and planning tools to support you in evaluating and interpreting data, as well as facilitating its distribution. Businesses are able to make well-founded decisions and determine target-orientated activities on the basis of this analysis.
SAP BW (Data warehousing) forms the basis of an extensive business intelligence solution that allows you to convert data into valuable information. Integrated and company-specific data warehousing provides decision makers in your company with the information and knowledge they need to define goal-oriented measures to ensure the success of the company. Data warehousing in BI includes the following functions, which you can apply to data from any source (SAP or non-SAP) and the data can be historic or current.
We have extensive experience and vital activities in SAP BW:
  •  Data Modeling
  •  Transformation
  •  Consolidation
  •  Data Mining
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Business Explorer (BEx) Reporting
We Deliver SAP BW and SAP Business Objects Consulting Services. We also serve you through our IT Services Staffing.
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence:
Cognos is IBMs business intelligence (BI) and performance management software suite. Cognos is designed to enable business users without technical knowledge to extract corporate data, analyze it and assemble reports.
Cognos Business Intelligence offers more targeted information delivery for end users with the ability to subscribe to reports, manage alert lists, and set watch rules based on conditions and Thresholds. Cognos also provides an enhanced consumer and dashboard experience.
Our Cognos Consultants can:
  •  Design and implementation of foundational reports, performance dashboards and analytic applications.
  •  Cognos 8 (Report, Query, Analysis and Event Studios) installations, configurations, and server performance tuning
  •  Framework Manager modeling for data warehouse projects and direct RBMS (DMR) reporting
  •  Construction of Cognos “packages” for reporting, cube builds, simple and complex reports, and drill-thru functions
  •  Integration of Cognos with Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Marts and various meta data technologies.