Our team of database experts and consultants provide solutions and services across all major database platforms which include:
  •  Oracle Database
  •  SQL Server Database
  •  DB2 Database
  •  Sybase Database
Oracle Database Solutions:
Organizations choose Oracle for its clustering technology, grid architecture and overall reliability. New versions of Oracle are traditionally packed with new features that are driven by user demand, including new security management features and automated management. It is a versatile platform that can grow with your organization.
Our experienced Oracle DBA team is skilled in many of the Oracle technologies and tools, including Real Application Clusters (RAC), Recovery Manager (RMAN), GRID, Oracle Exadata and Data Guard.
We handle a complete range of Oracle DBA services, no matter what your organization demands. Whether you’re looking for money-saving services or more comprehensive third-party support, our customizable Oracle database services are guaranteed to deliver. They include:
  •  Oracle database consultants
  •  Remote Oracle DBA services
  •  Oracle database upgrade services- including Oracle 9i, 9.2, 10g, 10.2, and 11g upgrades
  •  Oracle database tuning
  •  Oracle migration services
  •  PL/SQL Programming
  •  Oracle staffing onsite or offsite, full-time or part-time, whenever you need them (including weekends and holidays!) 24×7 Oracle experts on call
SQL Server database Solutions:
SQL Server, from Microsoft, is often the database of choice for a highly integrated platform with features to query, search, synchronize, report, and analyze your data. The business world runs on Microsoft, and SQL Server enables advanced integration with application development and business software. Organizations often choose SQL Server for this integration and for its lower total cost of ownership.
SQL Server has developed effective data warehousing and business intelligence tools to help you do more with your data. The system also offers scalability through virtualization and online transaction processing.
Our SQL Server database experts are capable of addressing integration, maintenance, optimization, and upgrade needs. Some of the featured SQL Server DBA services include:
  •  SQL Server Administration and Maintenance Services
  •  SQL Server Troubleshooting, Database optimization and performance scalability
  •  SQL Server Development Services
  •  SQL Server Business Intelligence Services
  •  SQL Server Integration Services
  •  SQL Server Support Services
  •  SQL Server QA/Testing Services
DB2 Database Solutions:
DB2 Universal Database (UDB), from IBM, runs everything from handhelds to servers to mainframes. IBM offers several versions to run on many different platforms, enabling flexibility and compatibility across the varied needs of a corporate environment.
Our structured approach enables an efficient upgrade that minimizes disruption to normal business operations.
  •  DB2 Upgrade Services
  •  DB2 Migration Services
  •  DB2 Performance Tuning
  •  DB2 Database Consulting & Projects
Sybase Database Solutions:
Sybase’s Adaptive Server Services (ASE) database platform is Sybase’s flagship database product, known as a reliable and high performance platform. The latest version of Sybase offers new innovations in security, grids, clusters, and service-oriented architectures. Sybase ASE runs many mission-critical applications, including one of the largest e-commerce portals in the world from the US federal government. Sybase also provides industry-specific solutions that have advanced analytic, business intelligence and mobile capability.
Our structured approach enables an efficient upgrade that minimizes disruption to normal business operations.
  •  Sybase Upgrade Services
  •  Sybase Performance Tuning
  •  Sybase Database Consulting & Projects