BIS IT Outsourcing
Maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s global economy means businesses must be flexible to adapt to market conditions; reduce costs while increasing productivity; as well as have access to cost-effective, highly skilled resources. More and more organizations are looking to outsource business services, such as IT support and services, to allow them to focus on the organization’s core competencies and meet the growing complexities of doing business.
In the information technology community, outsourcing is becoming more prevalent as it matures. While a reduction in costs may be the initial driving force in investigating outsourcing, it is a whole of business approach that will deliver long-term points of difference for an organization
Cost Savings
Our target is to achieve a significant increase in your benefits and your cost-effectiveness – to enhance your power to innovate. And irrespective of the market in which you operate, we offer a range of services, including hosting, integrated e-commerce and cloud solutions, SAP operations, as well as management.
Outsourcing facilities significantly reduces the unit cost of IT support work in annual savings compared to pure internal support costs. Operations have recently demonstrated the added benefit of reduced cost and ‘follow the sun’ work shifts, allowing for more productive use of IT budget that continue to be pressured by today’s economic realities
Outsourcing of IT operations play a valuable role in helping companies build high performance IT organizations that enable their business strategies by optimizing performance, value, and risk. They will have the ability to leverage skills from a larger pool of professional resources who are able to bring economies of scale and broader knowledge from different clients. Achieving specific SLAs and improving quality outcomes will no longer be a challenge
Outsourcing Models:
Fixed Cost If you have a project that is short, has well defined scope and all requirements are clear, than our fixed cost software outsourcing model is best suitable. Over here, we guarantee on time delivery of software as per requirements and cost, which were predefined. As per your requirements, we would appoint a team that would be best able to meet your expectations on time.
Time and Material (T&M) For clients whose requirements regularly changes and who wants dedicated developers to work only on single project our time and material model is the best fit. In this model, there is flexibility for client to add or remove resources as per fluctuation in requirements.
BIS Offshore Delivery center (ODC) For clients having large projects and in which requirements change as per time this is the best model. BIS ODC is best suitable for custom software development and mission critical projects. We recruit experienced and talented developers who work exclusively on your project to deliver high quality solutions. We only appoint those developers who have already worked on similar type of projects and can efficiently manage complex problems to deliver best possible result. For more details see our
SAP Outsourcing – SAP Application Support Model It is a well-known fact in the industry that all SAP modules can be remotely supported and SAP services can be remotely delivered. The ability to support relates to the delivery of services to a customer solution in order to perform incident and problem resolution management, and to engage with the customer with continuous improvement processes.